Sustainable Media

Scribe: Holly Cooper   Convener:  Brent Finnegan   Location:  Artful Dodger  Time: 12:15pm
Chris Edwards, Robin McNallie, Bruce Lundeen, Bruce Ritchie, Brent Finnegan, Holly Cooper 

Sustainable Media
Harrisonburg Sustainability Summit

To start a conversation about sustainability in community media.

As funding for local news becomes scare and newspapers across the country scale back or close altogether, who will report local news five to 10 years from now? What can we do to create a sustainable news network?

Potential courses of action:

* Local news media may succumb to this trend—local news source gone or outsourced
* Do nothing
* Form steering committee

Possible business models:

* For profit LLC
* Make subscriber only or ad supported (not preferable)
* Nonprofit (501 C3)—own, or incorporated under another nonprofit umbrella; example—, created by editors, sells ads on site, covers statewide area; Knight Foundation grant funding (for nonprofit)

What might be included:

Monthly print update
Latino/immigrant news
Breaking news (with a paid editor or reporter)
Community-submitted news (video, photo, story, Tweets)
Satellite versions (Broadway, Elkton, Bridgewater editions or sub-pages)

What we need:

Steering committee (media professors, teachers, contributors, businesspeople, lawyers, nonprofit workers) to create mission statement, executive summary

How to do it:

First meeting to be held Thursday, June 11, 6 p.m. at Clementine

To attend, or be notified of meeting changes:


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  1. #3  Kai

    Update: I know there was a meeting held on this topic last week and there was a decent showing. Contact Brent for details!

    09/06/19 13:12
  2. #2  Sarah

    A fantastic idea! Brent, I look forward to hearing more.

    09/05/30 15:43
  3. #1  Brent Finnegan

    Slight correction: The meeting MIGHT be held at Clementine. I’ll leave a comment here to confirm that, or announce another location.

    09/05/30 15:03

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